Grading FAQ

What is Grading?

It's where we 'examine' each participant on elements of the syllabus which contribute to a increase in their kyu grade (or in layman's terms the Belts).

When and Where is Grading?

In March we are holding our Grading in Tallaght Leisure Centre, Furtunestown Way.

ON Saturday we are holding a Seminar with Guy Brodeur, 7th dan at 10am-12pm & 12.30pm-2pm  (see for details)

From 2pm we will begin the Grading starting with the lowest grades on the day and going all the way through to Dan gradings at the end.

ON Sunday Morning from 10am we have a training session.   Grading for all children white belts to those going for Orange will begin after 11am.

ON Sunday Afternoon from 1pm we have a training session.  Grading for all children going for Red, Yellow or Green belts will begin after 2pm.

How Much Is Grading?

You register for Grading for kyu grades in advance. It costs between €14 and €20.  Dan Grades start at €170 for Shodan.

Why do I need a HDKI Licence?

The Licence holds records of your gradings, courses, notes, fees etc.  Holding a HDKI Licence gives you a recognised standard grade around the world.  At each grading we will stamp and sign the appropriate grade in your licence as proof of your achievement.