Ruadhán Mew Nidan

Ru - or Ruadhán - came to us from the mysterious depths of Roscommon where he first trained in Karate with his father, a 2nd dan under Enoeda Sensei, earning his kyu grades from Ohta Sensei in Cork and in England. After a lapse in training he discovered the Hombu Dojo in Dublin, one year later grading to Shodan under Scott Langley and Richard Amos.

Ru is a talented musician, actor and performer and regularly directs and acts in his own and others work, as well as travelling as a musician. Various commitments over the next two years, including a long theatre tour and a move to Cork City, would keep Ruadhán from attending the dojo as regularly as he would have liked, but he kept up his training. In March 2018 he completed the trainee instructor internship at the Hombu Dojo then in September became a full time instructor. With years of experience as a children's entertainer he now combines his talents teaching karate with discipline and flair. Ruadhán is committed to strive for consistent improvement under his sensei and seniors at the Hombu Dojo.  He graded to 2nd Dan in the Summer of 2019 at the International HDKI Summer Camp.