Book Your Training

To book Select the date, then the session and fill in the short form.  There is a number between the time and description - this is the number of spaces available.  You do NOT need to supply a phone number when booking so can leave that blank.  Please ensure you use the correct email address as this is where your confirmation email will be sent.  You can adjust the calendar for a Weekly or Day view to help you select.

The Adult training from the Ranelagh dojo will be online.  If you have forgotten the zoom password, or don't have it, you can contact Susannah and we will email it to you.  These online sessions could be suitable for all adults (except Monday), or any level.  Most of the online training will be suitable but Sunday Morning will be suitable for adults/children to train together as before especially.  There is no need to book to attend.

For training outdoors we suggest dressing in layers, perhaps wear a hat and keep your shoes/trainers (and socks) on. Keep warm.

Outdoor Sessions are in Blue, Online Sessions are in Green, Indoor Sessions are in Pink/Purple.  If the training is Outdoors (excluding Ranelagh) it may move on to zoom if the weather is too wet for an approx 40min session.  Keep an eye on Twitter @hombudojoclub to check.