Children and Adults from 5 years old.

We have training in Ranelagh everyday, and then also in Sandyford, Naas, Clonskeagh, Stillorgan, Dun Laoghaire/Monkstown, Deansgrange, Irishtown,  Dalkey, Booterstown, Rathmines, Terenure and Terenure West, Ballinteer,  Coolock, Rathcoole, Raheny and Tallaght. Check the schedule to see what days and times suit you.

Children's Beginners:

(please note because of Covid some of these venues may not be accessible yet)

Ranelagh Hombu Dojo: 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 3pm on Tuesday, 5pm on Fridays and 11am on Saturdays (also 12pm on Saturdays which is combined Adult/Child) and 10am on Sundays

MONDAY: Sandyford Community Centre at 4pm;  Monread Community Centre, Naas at 6pm

TUESDAY: David Lloyd Riverview, Clonskeagh at 4pm;  Deansgrange Community Centre at 4pm; St Brigids Parish Hall, Stillorgan at 4.30pm* (this venue will be outside in Clonmore Park weather permitting)

WEDNESDAY: Terenure Badminton Centre (Terenure West) at 2.45pm;  Mounttown Community Centre (Dun Laoghaire/Monkstown) at 4pm, Irishtown Stadium at 4pm; Samuel Beckett Civic Centre, Ballyogan at 4.30pm; Dalkey Heritage Centre at 6.30pm

THURSDAY: Booterstown Parish Centre, 4pm; Swan Leisure, Rathmines at 3pm; Rathcoole at 4pm; Terenure Sports Club at 4.45pm; Wesley College, Ballinteer at 6pm

FRIDAY: All Saints Parish Hall, Raheny at 3pm

SATURDAY: St Johns Hall, Coolock at 11am; Terenure Badminton Centre (Terenure West) at 11.30am;  St Maelruain's Parish Centre, Tallaght at 1pm* (currently in a friends dojo in Cookstown)



Ranelagh Hombu Dojo:  Tuesday 7pm and 8pm, Wednesday 7pm and 8pm, Thursday 7pm, Saturday 12pm, Sunday 10am (weekend sessions mixed adult/child)

Dalkey Heritage Centre: Wednesday at 7.30pm

Naas, Monread Community Centre: Monday at 7pm


TEENS - Beginner Teens (12-16) are welcome in Dalkey at 7.30pm and Naas at 7pm.  In Ranelagh we have a Teen Only class on Tuesdays at 6pm suitable for beginners.

Yes!  We offer two weeks Free Trial - where you can attend as many training sessions in any of our venues as you can.

When you complete the Trial Membership Registration you can put which venues/sessions you're most interested in.  We will try our best to accommodate you in your preferred venue/session.  Currently all of our training sessions are under limited number restrictions and some are full.

After the two week free trial to continue training with us you would Become a Member.  You need to complete the Full Membership Form. Pick your membership level - Bronze, Silver or Gold - and pay the membership fee.  For all of our membership fees there is a monthly payment option which we prefer you take - in fact it's the most cost efficient way to pay our fees.   Once fee payment is made you will receive a login code to our club app where you will be able to book your training sessions and receive messages from us etc.

To start with, any loose comfortable clothing that gives free movement and you don't mind being on the floor/ground.  Inside we train with bare feet.

You won't need a karate dogi (the white karate suit) until you wish to grade (the belt exams) for the first time.  We sell 100% cotton Hombu Dojo HDKI dogi in our Ranelagh dojo, or you can arrange for us to bring one to you.  Our childrens sizes (110cm -150cm) are €45, Adult sizes (160cm - 200cm) are €55.

If you already have a dogi that's perfectly acceptable - any white karate dogi will do.

You should wear no jewellery or watches when training.

Currently because of the Covid Restrictions we must limit numbers and be ready for contact tracing.  Therefore, yes, currently you must book each session you wish to attend using the club app.   Within the membership of the club you are free to take whichever sessions (venue/time) (as suitable) you wish to within your Membership level.

We have 3 membership levels:

Bronze for an average of one class a week

Silver for an average of two classes a week

Gold for unlimited classes

You can see the chart of fees on the Trial Membership and the Membership form pages.  For children membership fee payments can be from as little as €41 a month, and sibling and family discounts can apply.  Adults Membership fee payments from €47 per month.

We do not take cash payments for monthly fee payments.  We prefer all our members to pay their membership fees by monthly standing order.  This is the most cost efficient way to pay your membership.

However, you may prefer to pay for 3/6/12 months online through this website.  You can find the link for payment at the end of the Full Membership Form.

All members training with us should also register with HDKI Ireland for a licence to practice karate.  You can apply for this licence through this website.  The cost is €25 per year.  You must have a valid (up-to-date) HDKI licence to Grade - the licence holds records of your gradings and your progress.  If applying before your first Grading you will receive this licence book after you grade on the day.

We are accepting New Trial Memberships for Children in Rathcoole, Raheny, Deansgrange, Dun Laoghaire and Coolock for immediate start - just complete the Trial Membership Registration.  All other locations you can register for a start in January.