What to do

For anyone 5 years and over

  1. Choose a Venue / Time
  2. Complete the Trial Registration Form
  3. Come to training for TWO WEEKS FREE
  4. Pick a Membership Level
  5. Fill in a Full Membership form
  6. Make a Membership Fee Payment
  7. Train hard and often, proceed to karate master
    (could take several (or more) years)

Joining Windows

We don't have Terms per se (karate is a lifelong study and we continue throughout the year).  However, we do have Joining Windows where we accept new trial members.

We may Not accept new trial members in the month preceding our Gradings to facilitate our members as they train for their exams.

Other than that, we'd love to start a trial with us !

We teach children from 5 Years old

The First Two Weeks Are Free!

Loose comfortable clothing/tracksuit is suitable, we train in bare feet.

Members have flexibility to move from training session/venue as and when they need to. Should you miss your 'usual' session you can take a different one another day / week / venue. We know that your schedule changes so that's why we try to supply as many sessions as we can to give you flexibility so you can keep training and progressing.

We give a 10% sibling discount, so e.g. €85.50 per month for 2 to attend 1 session per week etc.  We train all year so the fees are per month, every month. Because we have training sessions every day and many venues it's easy to make up any you might miss for any personal reasons or when we have a holiday closure.

A Standing Order is a simple order to your bank to pay a fixed amount per month to us and can be stopped at any time.  You may be able to set it up yourself on-line with your own internet banking - Just remember to put the NAME of the person (people) you are paying for as the Reference.  We will send you our bank details.  It is NOT a Direct Debit where you would give permission for a company to go and Take your money for a variable bill from your bank.

You can now pay membership fees directly through our Dojo Login app.