Welcome to the Hombu Dojo

The First Two Weeks Are Free!

So what are you waiting for?

Loose clothing/tracksuit is fine, we train in bare feet.

We train everyone from age 5yrs onwards.

If you would like to book into a class please email secretary@hombudojokarate.com and fill in the form here: Trial Membership Form

Send Me Bank Details

enter your email address and we will email you our bank details to set up a bank transfer

We give a 10% sibling discount, so e.g. €77.90 per month for 2 to attend 1 class per week etc.  We train all year so the fees are per month, every month.  Because we have classes every day and many venues it's easy to make up any classes you might miss for any personal reasons or when we have a holiday closure.

A Standing Order is a simple order to your bank to pay a fixed amount per month to us and can be stopped at any time.  You may be able to set it up yourself on-line with your own internet banking - Just remember to put the NAME of the person (people) you are paying for as the Reference.  We will send you our bank details.

It is NOT a Direct Debit where you would give permission for a company to go and Take your money for a variable bill from your bank.