When you join Hombu Dojo Karate Club you are becoming a member of our Club and you pay Membership Fee’s.
You are Not paying per class or for a certain number of classes in a certain number of months.

We have 3 membership levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze is for those who wish to train once a week.
Silver is for those who wish to train twice a week.
Gold is for those who wish to have no limits to their training and can take as many classes as they wish.

Within our Membership you have freedom to move classes, you have freedom to change venues (children only) and you have freedom to take ‘other’ classes should you miss your usual class.  We also encourage all our members to take extra classes when we approach our Grading’s in March/April, June, September and December each year.
The membership fee is Yearly with the preferred method of payment standing order each month. If you choose to leave the club then you may stop your standing order with no penalty.  We reserve the right to charge a rejoining fee.