You can see the Grading Syllabus Here

We hold a big all club Grading three times a year - in March, June and December.  We also hold a smaller Grading in September aimed at those who have trained during the summer.  Your Sensei will have information about Grading and will advise you if you are ready to Grade and for which kyu.

Our Next Grading will take place on Saturday the 28th of March and Sunday the 29th of March 2020 in Tallaght Leisure Centre.

Grading for all Adults/teens (any grade) and children grading for  5th kyu (purple) and above on Saturday from 2-5pm.

Grading for all white belt children (attempting stripes or an Orange belt) on Sunday from 11am-12.30pm.

Grading for all children attempting 8th kyu (red) to 6th kyu (green) on Sunday afternoon from 2-4pm.

Each session on Sunday will be preceded with an hour of training.  On Saturday training is from 12.30pm to 2pm as part of the Spring Seminar with Guy Brodeur. (Please pay for training on the door.)

Grading for white belt stripes is €14, all other kyu grades €20.  Please register below.

Absolutely NO Registrations on the day. Please Do Not arrive on the day expecting to be Graded without registration as to refuse could offend.

Please HAND IN YOUR HDKI LICENCE BOOK TO YOUR SENSEI on/before the 19th of March  If you are New or haven't registered for a licence yet you can do so here.  Please check your licence is Valid (expiration date is usually one year after the last date in the Annual Fees section near the back of the book) and if you need to renew you can do so now on this form.

You can contact Susannah at or call 085 1412828

Grading Registration