This year we are delighted to announce 3 Summer Camps...

Camp 1: July 3rd - 7th
Camp 2: July 24th - 28th
Camp 3: August 21st - 25th

Instructors: Palma Diosi 5th Dan, Ross Stewart 3rd Dan and AJ 2nd Dan

Location: Hombu Dojo, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Times: 10am ‘til 2.30pm daily


Price: 5 days Є110, 3 Days Є80, 1 Day €30

Early Drop off 9am. €5.00 extra per child per day

The activities will be designed to further develop student’s karate skills as well as deepen their understanding of Japanese culture.

ACTIVITIES will include:


Origami – Sushi Making – Karate Quiz – All-Stars – Karate Photos – Movie Fight Choreography – Making a Movie* - Kata Competition – Watching a Film

You can register online here:  (if registering for more than one camp it may be easier to email or call Eibhlin directly -

Karate Camp