HDKI Ireland Open Seminar - September 11th

with Scott Langley and Christian Øygarden

Wesley College Dublin, Ballinteer

Sports Hall in the Sports Centre.

1pm to 2.30pm & 2.45pm to 4.15pm training (followed by club gradings from 4.30pm)


Adults: €35 both sessions, €20 one session

Children: €25 both sessions, €15 one session.

All Welcome from any organisation.

Training under strict covid-19 restrictions/guidelines.  Please bring and use your own sanitiser.  Please wear masks when moving through the school.  Park in the car park on the left.

Christian Øygarden

Christian Sensei began training in 1998 in his hometown of Kongsberg, Norway with the Norwegian Shotokan Federation. In 2004 he moved to Vestby and began training with Robert Hagen 7th Dan HDKI, a senior instructor of the NSF. During these years, Christian has sought out a variety of instructors and has been a regular attendee on the numerous seminars the group host. Innovative, inventive and individual, Christian’s karate has developed tremendously, and he is now the chief instructor of Vestby Karate Club.

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