Open Course with Rick Jackson and GRADING

Open Course with Rick Jackson and GRADING

Rick Jackson 8th Dan and Christian Oygarden 3rd Dan

assisted by Hombu Dojo Instructors

Saturday 9th June and Sunday 10th June

Tallaght Leisure Centre, Furtunestown Way, Dublin 24

Saturday - Open Course/Seminar
10am-12pm & 12.30pm-2pm

followed by Grading for All Adults plus Children attempting 5th Kyu and above (purple - current Green belts)


Sunday - training and grading for all junior club members

10am - 11am Training followed by grading for Children attempting grades up to and including 9th kyu (Orange)

1pm - 2pm Training followed by Grading for Children attempting 8th kyu to 6th kyu (Red to Green)


Rick Sensei began training in the 1960’s and travelled to Japan in the early 1970’s where he lived and trained for several years at the infamous JKA Hombu Dojo in Ebisu, Tokyo. After returning from his time there, he continued to develop his art, becoming one of the most senior instructors in British karate. He is the founder of Fudochi Shotokan Karate and teaches regularly at Leicester University Karate Club. Blending traditional Shotokan Karate with concepts of Budo and Zazen meditation, Rick Sensei always delivers a thought-provoking and informative class.

Christian Sensei began training in 1998 in his hometown of Kongsberg, Norway with the Norwegian Shotokan Federation. In 2004 he moved to Vestby and began training with Robert Hagen, a senior instructor of the NSF. During these years, Christian has sought out a variety of instructors and has been a regular attendee on the numerous seminars the group host. Innovative, inventive and individual, Christian’s karate has developed tremendously, and he is now the chief instructor of Vestby Karate Club.

Training Times & Costs

10am-12pm & 12.30pm-2pm

Adults: 16yrs and over - €30 Saturday only

Children: under 16yrs - €20 Saturday only


10am - 11am (white belt beginners)

1pm - 2pm (9th - 7th kyu children)


Pay on the day please

Cost of Grading

Adults: €17.50

Children taking Orange (9th) kyu and above: €17.50

Children taking 12th - 10th kyu (1-3 black stripes): €11.50

HDKI Licence

Please check your existing licence is In Date Before handing it in (the date in the back is the last renewal date and your licence is valid for one year from that date). If you need to Renew or Purchase a New Licence please click below.  The licence fee is €20 per year.  You must have an up to date licence to grade!