Rick Jackson - 8th Dan

HDKI Ireland are hosting Rick Jackson - 8th Dan for a special Seminar on Thursday 12th March from 7pm to 9pm.

This is for Black and Brown belts only.  Places are limited and must be booked by contacting secretary@hdkiireland.org or booking online on www.hdkiireland.org

This seminar means that our normal 7pm Thursday class is cancelled.  Apologies for any inconvenience.  Please take an alternative class.

Rick Sensei began training in the 1960’s and travelled to Japan in the early 1970’s where he lived and trained for several years at the infamous JKA Hombu Dojo in Ebisu, Tokyo. After returning from his time there, he continued to develop his art, becoming one of the most senior instructors in British karate. He is the founder of Fudochi Shotokan Karate and teaches regularly at Leicester University Karate Club. Blending traditional Shotokan Karate with concepts of Budo and Zazen meditation, Rick Sensei always delivers a thought-provoking and informative class.