You must complete the following form Prior to attending our Ranelagh Dojo for your first training session since lockdown.

Returning to the Dojo

Contact Sports are allowed from June 29th.

Within the dojo we aim to keep social distance, except in kumite.

We have provided hand sanitizers at the entrance and the entrance to the dojo floor and ask all participants to sanitize their hands before and after their session.

We will limit partner work to one partner per session.

You Must Book into class to ensure contact tracing.

There will be No kiai during kumite.

We will Ask people attending if they are comfortable doing partner work – and allow them to sit out if they are not.

We Ask people to come changed if you can.

We Ask people to bring your own water vessel.

Where we have a consecutive classes we are allowing ten minutes in between classes to avoid cross over as much as possible.  We ask you to be prompt on both arrival and departure.

We ask parents/guardians not to come in to the dojo if possible.


However, the toilet will be open.

Where people can’t get changed before training, they can avail of the changing rooms.