Each year Hombu Dojo Karate has done a week of Kangeiko in January.  A traditional week of Cold Training.  While this year we will not be able to gather en masse in the dojo at 7am everyday, nor go for our run around Ranelagh, nor have our breakfast party on the last day after training, but

We WILL be doing our online Kangeiko at 7am on Thursday 28th Jan, Friday 29th Jan, Saturday 30th Jan and Sunday 31st Jan

and we will be doing it for Charity again - the Irish Cancer Society is our charity of choice and you can donate through our facebook fundraising page.  Scott, Ross, AJ and Ru Sensei will each lead a morning training from 7am to 8am and hope you can attend too!  We may go over our allowed number on Zoom (it will be the usual zoom codes you're used to) so some may have to connect with us through Facebook on the Event page.  We'd love to see as many of you there as possible!


Submit a video of you doing your best Heian Sandan to win.

Entries by email or Whatsapp by Friday 15th January.

Entries will be judged by our own Sensei's with the best one winning a prize.

Heian Sandan is the kata you perform to achieve a Green Belt with us but even if you're not there yet that is no reason not to give it a try.  To help, we have put a video of Ru Sensei doing the kata on our website (front page).

We look forward to seeing all your videos!

Online Training

Here we are in the first week of At Home Schooling, settling in to your New Routine for the coming weeks.

We too are settling in to our new routine with our online sessions starting at 2pm Monday - Thursday, 3pm on Friday with weekend sessions as well.  We suggest that children do our 25min sessions (beginner to yellow, green to black) and they are open to adults as well (please do train with your kids!); Adults can also join in with the 7pm trainings Monday - Thursday.  Just book in as you wish - whatever sessions work best for you now at home and we'll see you online!  Book through the Calendar.

Reminder - if you are a kids member of our club you are able to attend Any of our Venues Anyway - so now of course you are able to attend Any of our online sessions regardless of when and where you normally train.  All of our training is always available to you.  Do book in for the correct level for you though.